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Student Peer Mediation Training 

Peer Mediation is a form of conflict resolution in which trained students help their peers work together to resolve everyday disputes.  Resolve partners with southern Oregon schools (elementary through high school) through consultation, training, and support to develop the Peer Mediation Programs.    


"Choicepoint" Bullying Intervention & Bystander Empowerment Program 

In 2008 the ChoicePoint Program was launched in southern Oregon.  To date we have presented this program in dozens of schools and trained thousands of students to feel more empowered when faced with bullying and aggression.  Studies show that most of the time bullying behavior takes place,  there is no adult present.  Our program focuses on empowering the "bystanders" to become "allies" and step up to help when aggressive behavior is taking place.  At the end of the training students experience increased life skills and personal power as they learn that they have safe, effective methods for engaging in issues of bullying, aggression and cyberbullying.  This results in improved ability to focus on studies, better attendance rates, and increased self esteem and willingness to participate in extra-curricular activities.

ChoicePoint is an interactive workshop (not an assembly-style presentation) where students are given the opportunity to be heard and explore effective strategies they may use when faced with bullying and aggression. 

Sample "ChoicePoint" Lesson Plan:
Day 1: Define terms (types of bullying, aggressor, target, bystander, etc.); discuss how this plays out at your school; share stories about bullying and solicit students' stories (anonymously) of when they may have been a bystander, target, aggressor or ally.
Day 2: Engage in a community building process to strengthen interpersonal relationships, identify shared concerns about bullying, and explore shared values of friendship.
Day 3: Brainstorm choices available to students when presented with bullying situations. Students are given an opportunity to embody appropriate choices through role playing exercises.

Contact Raphi Kunkel at 
raphaelle (at) resolvecenter.org or 541-770-2468 ext. 308 for more information.

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