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What is Mediation? 

Mediation is voluntarily process, in which our highly trained mediators assists parties involved in complex and/or emotional disputes. Mediation is unique because the parties develop their own solutions, which reflect their unique situation. Mediators do not make decisions for the parties or give advice on how to resolve the situation. Rather the mediators assist and empower the parties with communication and or negotiation. As a result, satisfaction with the outcome is usually high and the solutions tend to be workable and long lasting.

Mediation in one form or another has been around in many cultures since the beginning of time. However, it is only in the past 20 years that we have seen mediation develop as a specialized profession in its own right, with its own body of knowledge and its own set of skills – distinct from any other profession. In Oregon particularly, mediation has become widely recognized as an alternative to litigation as a way for families, employees, and community members to work things out while maintaining control over the outcome and the content of the agreement. Mediation provides an environment of safety and collaboration where parties can work together to resolve the situation as opposed to the adversarial win-loose model of a trial.


By state statute and professional ethics, mediators are strictly prohibited from providing any type of legal advice. Please refer to your legal council and or the links below for resources on legal information:

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