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Your non-profit center for dispute resolution and restorative justice serving southern Oregon since 1990.



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A Peacemaking Imperative

A Message from our Executive Director, Deltra Ferguson
October, 2016

Flashes of lightning and rolling thunder! My family and I drive down the I-5 from the Siskiyou summit under a deluge of rain. Two dry months come to an end, heralding the equinox from summer to fall. Thunder and lightning, like human conflict, is energetic. There is danger and excitement! Something is moving and changing. 

Human relationship contains thunder and lightning. We must actively cultivate and practice the skills of peaceful conflict resolution and build a foundation of relationship to make it through the storm. Failure to practice and pass on these skills of dispute resolution to our youth leads to war and our collective inability to face the great challenges of humanity—global warming, hunger, disease, and world migrations.  

Peacemaking is an imperative. It is urgent that we actively fortify community, using and teaching the practices of dispute resolution and restorative justice to resolve conflict and repair harmed relationships. We must teach our youth these skills and practices because they will need them to face the storm. Like all social justice, this is the work of many generations.  Read more..


Exciting News from Resolve
The Feather & Stone Newsletter, Fall/Winter 2016


Registration now open for winter 2017 trainings!

Restorative Justice Facilitator Training - January 26 & 27 and February 2 & 3, 2017

Fundamentals of Mediation Training - March 1, 2, 3, 9 & 10, 2017

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